Monday, May 08, 2006

Ranting at the Post Office

It was distressing to hear from a collector that artwork arrived damaged. I packed it as if it was going to the Moon and back. I even stood in the post office and watched the postal clerk stamp 'Fragile' more than a dozen times on the box. I believed in good faith the various postal workers that handled my parcel would heed the message and take care with the 40 pound wood box containing a wall mosaic.

Now I believe, that on the contrary, the temptation to destroy was greater than any responsibility they may have felt, not only to a customer, but to their employer as well.

I'll be exploring other options for delivery, although I seriously doubt other carriers will care one whit more considering the tone of current society.

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JoyceB said...

I'm so sorry about the damage. I hope you find it's a one time occurance.

On a more positive note... I added you to my links! Have a great weekend...

Dirty Butter said...

I hope this wasn't the piece you described a couple of posts ago, that your son made the special wooden box for. It really did sound like you packed it for shipment to the moon!!

PS: Welcome to BLOG VILLAGE!!

Linda Watson said...

Yes, dirty butter, it is exactly the same piece. Disgusting, isn't it?

Thanks for stopping by.

artbylmr said...

That really sucks! There is no need for them to handle things so poorly.
I had a customer (not artwork) tell me that the UPS Guy dropped the package at her feet when he delivered it, even though it had Fragile all over it.

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