Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Kiln Ritual

Because I don't yet have my own kiln, it is necessary to use someone else's. This is not only inconvenient, but time consuming as well. I have to pack pieces in boxes, load them in my car, unload them from my car, unload them from the boxes and then load into the kiln. After firing, they must be re-packed in boxes, loaded in the car, unloaded from the car and finally unloaded from the boxes.

What am I complaining about? My friend is very generous in allowing me to use her kiln...for free. I went through the above ritual today for about 180 clay pieces modeled to resemble seashells and skeletons to make into magnets and pushpins for my Etsy shop.

Glazing is the next step and I look forward to this phase most of all. I love to experiment with glazes, layering one on top of another to create new color combinations. Following glazing, I will once again engage in the kiln ritual.

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