Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Packing heavy art piece

I sold Under the Sea on auction at artbyus which made me very happy. I would have liked more for it, but I'm pleased nonetheless.


Now, the bigger challenge is packing it securely to ship to it's new home in Tennessee. My son-in-law built a wooden box and I purchased a variety of packing materials. By itself, the mosaic weighs 15 pounds, the box weighs more, at 25 pounds.

First, I wrapped the mosaic in two layers of bubble wrap and laid it in the box on a sheet of styrofoam. Then I partially filled the box with packing p-nuts and sprayed some insulating foam into the corners. Once the foam expanded and hardened, the piece was immovable. I then put a bead of Liquid Nails on the box edge and placed the top on partially securing the screws.

There was a narrow space between the top and the box. Through this space I inserted the nozzle for the foam can and filled in the spaces around the bubble wrap and p-nuts. This done, I finished screwing in the screws.

It's fairly difficult for someone my size to shake a box measuring 28x28x6 and weighing 40 pounds, but I did manage to tip it on all sides and nothing moved inside. Thank goodness.

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Rebecca Grantham said...

I love this mosaic piece and thanks for sharing your hysterical po experience.

All the Best

Linda Watson said...

Thank you Rebecca. I was at your blog earlier and became inspired by your aceos. I've painted a few, but am not happy with them. It's a very small canvas for me and is proving to be a challenge. Your technique of making a larger piece that is broken into smaller parts is appealing.


The Wager Witch said...

I also totally like this piece!!!

I love mosaics and items using other items - that aren't flat.

They look so much better on the wall with spotlights on them... Instead of Framed pictures - to me -those are boring.

I love shadowboxes also.

Wager Witch
Free Casino Bonuses, Repeat Deals, Savvy advice and fun blogging!

Linda Watson said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your comment about my art. It is appreciated.


Donald V. Rainville said...

I found your blog under the World Wide Women Artist site... I thought I would page through and see what the ladies are doing and talking about. I just thought I'd drop a line to let you know how much I like your work especially the under the sea piece. I find Shell and found object mosaics are a very grounded and probably one of the oldest first forms of art. I tend to think it's also one of the best forms of self expression in content and arrangement... Great work I really like it!!!

I'll try and stop by to see your work again soon..


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