Saturday, September 16, 2006

Ceramic Magnets & Pushpins

Many thanks to WagerWitch for being a blog fan as well as reminding and encouraging me to do my blog work.

Pictured here are some ceramic clay magnets and pushpins listed at my Etsy Shop.

These glazed ceramic clay magnets and pushpins are modeled to resemble seashells and sea skeletons. I collected the shells used to create these pieces.

The shells are made of cone 06 clay and glazed with cone 04 glazes. Typically, I make these clay pieces to use in my mosaics, but I thought I'd use them to make refrigerator magnets since they seem to be so popular.

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Spicy Banana

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The Wager Witch said...

Thank you Linda for Visiting and the Lovely post - and Yes!! Keep up the Art WORK!!!

And keep blogging. A lot of us read and just peek in but art stays with us... and art - is so important to the world.

Everything you see - it is all art - Take a look again with a child's eyes. And remember what it is like to see the sun shining down through the clouds - in that ray of light - that makes you feel calm...

And I'm trying to teach my 10 year old daughter the same thing.

But I was looking at your pieces for your mosaics --- and this kinda weird thought - came to my mind ...

As a mosaic these pieces would be GORGEOUS as Bathroom, Jet Tub, walls - embedded with pieces of sea glass (or whatever those little washed up pieces of different colored glass is/are called) - made to order at people's houses... Or even as one of a kind fountains (You can find those fountain kits online).

But those were just thoughts that tumbled through my head.

I LOVE the blue ones.

Take care - and again - THANK YOU for sharing your world with us readers!

Hugs a bunch!

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Linda Watson said...

As usual, thank you for your comments wager witch.

I've been busy taking care of grandbaby and haven't posted lately.

Good for you for teaching your daughter how to see.

Actually, I have made tiles for swimming pools, but I am limited as I don't have my own kiln.

Thanks again,

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